Welcome to the SPAA Online RGMA Data Flow catalogue. This catalogue represents the current published RGMA Baseline that can be found here https://www.spaa.co.uk/spaa-products/?filter_elgs_spaa_product_type=200 . This catalogue supports the Baseline by providing the definitions of the data flows and data items that enable the transfer of data relating to gas metering activities.

All data flows and data items are available to view in the tool or as documents that can be downloaded.

It is important to note that certain flows are represented multiple times within the catalogue. This is because the logical structure of the flows changes pending both the sending and receiving participants and the use of the flow. To simplify the representation of these variations the catalogue contains multiple variants of the flow related to the specific usage. The catalogue differentiates these flows as follows.

  1. Parent flow: These are the flows containing all of the possible data items used within the baseline.
  2. ​​Specific variant’s: These are referenced by the participants and the process being described by the flow. These variant’s contain those data items and optionality’s specific to the variant.

Due to the complex nature of the RGMA Baseline not every scenario is represented within this tool. Please refer to the Baseline document if a specific variant is not included here.

If you would like further information on the Online RGMA Data Flow catalogue or you wish to provide feedback please contact the SPAA Helpdesk.